Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tattoo artists close to home.

         It all started two maybe three years ago when the needles were hitting the skin. A new tattooist was in town, already a good artist, but that was with paper and skin is a whole new canvas. The hardest part would be using that Gun to draw a picture on an arm or leg, maybe back or chest, hey could even be on the shoulder, the foot, ankle, elbow as well as the lip, hand ,forearm, maybe even the head, stomach, thighs, calves, the breast, and butt. As luck would have it I knew the guy, we have known each other for 32 years. Maybe I'll have to get one or two. Turned out I got eleven from this same artist. By the time I got my first tattoo I believe he had already done three or so. By the time I got my second from him he had done about thirty. He got very good very fast which was good for him on top of the fact self teaching is not that easy. There are lots of  tricks to learn many different types and sizes of needles you need to learned which is best where. Even different types of ink. You really have to know your ink. Another huge factor in Tattooing is to have a good reliable power supply with steady hands. A good thing with a new artist whether you know them or not is that they have a totally different style. Ultimately they can do a lot of things the same and just as well, but there is a different touch to it. When you look at in a monetary way everyone is getting a tattoo nowadays so if you are good and enjoy the art of tattooing there can be a lot of money in it. Next thing I know I receive a message letting me know "I do tattoos now", wow, now I have two new tattoo artists close to home. Everyone needs practice at whatever the may be doing and I don't mind using my skin as practice canvas. Mind you I haven't got a tattoo from this second artist but just like the first he did everything possible to learn the tricks of the trade, and get the best equipment in order do a good job. Again just like the first artist he's done quite a few tattoos now and I must say he has done very  good for himself. When the time is right and I can fit it in with a great idea I'll get one done from him. Then I'll have work done by five different artists, I know a lot of people like to go to new same artist but to me if they are good why not have different work done by different    artists. Now what is this! another new tattoo artist in the family, what to do, who do you go with? They have all been good artistically as it was. I guess I'll have to get work done by six different artists. This one though went a different route and actually took a collage course to learn all the tricks. He also did the practicing at home with the pig skin. I've seen his work and it's incredible. Growing up he loved to draw or by the finished product it seemed as though, I could only wish to draw that well. Wanting to get into the art form he took all the steps to learn what he could that would only make him better as good as he good get in the time frame. As we all know you always get better with time, so if you have the tricks of the trade from the start you'll go from good to awesome in no time. When the time is right and I have the new tattoo that I would like picked out I will be getting one done from him for sure. If you're a fan of tattoos what's better than having three artists in one family.     


  1. I agree, love having ppl I know that can tattoo me when I am ready for my next one. What better why for them to get great at tattooing, then to put their ink in this

  2. Really good interesting post - I have always wanted a Tattoo, but haven't taken the plunge yet!! Who knows, I might be choosing one of you're artists!! :)