Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bad Drivers.

      It's amazing that as the time goes by there are more and more bad drivers showing up on the road. It really makes me wonder how and where they all got their licences, or do they even have a licence, maybe they just bought it. Now when I say bad drivers I mean bad drivers. Not the ones that just take their eye off the road for a second and are weaving a little bit, I'm not even talking about the ones that do the ridiculous texting while driving drivers. Texting while driving is just stupid, what's so important that you have to risk the lives of everyone on the road including yourself? what Sue is going to wear tonight? or what Bob said to Tom? can it  not wait until you're off the road or at least can you pull off the road if you really have to know right now? Then the drunk drivers talk about pure idiot's, you have to be out of your mind to think it's okay to drink and then get into the car and drive even if you are only going down the road a little bit.
      See some things on the road can be avoided like drinking and driving or texting while driving, and even talking on the phone is a bad idea because regardless whether you are looking at the road and a hand is on the wheel your mind is not really there. But what's going on with the other bad drivers that are just bad drivers? Is the testing not informal enough? Do you just walk in pay money take a picture and off you go? It makes it hard for me to be as good of a driver as I can be because my mind has to be on the other idiots. I don't how many times while driving I see the ever famous no signal, or the looking right while turning left. It amazing that as bad as a thought as it is, there are not more accidents out there, I guess us good drivers are doing a good job at preventing them.
      Just last week my cousin and his wife was in an accident, luckily they were wearing their seat belts or there is a good chance they would've been thrown through the windshield, mind you the Jeep that he just got to his liking was smashed. The cause of the accident was a drunk driver of all things. The guy was on the other side of the road and at the last minute decided he needed something from the store on the other side of the road. When the driver came out it was noticeable that he had a few to many, trying to deny it at the same time. The police did their job, the man was arrested and my cousin and his wife were taken care of. Some on the other hand are not so lucky. That is the second car accident that was bad in the family, in the first accident the occupants weren't so lucky. The driver went through the side window who happened to be my dad and the passenger had the engine of the truck placed on her lap, my sister. I have never see so much blood in my life it was almost like it wasn't real. Both will never be the same nor will the family, a lot was taken away from all of us that day. The accident was ultimately proven to be an accident of no apparent cause. But ever since that horrible day things haven't been the same and the lives had been changed forever. They have both come a long way but a full recovery will never happen.
      So I guess I'd just like to ask all the drivers out there if you need more training and you know if you do or not please go get it. And to anyone that thinks about getting into the car after having a drink or more don't, the other driver you hurt or kill may be your family.

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  1. WOW! Such a thought provoking piece of writing! You made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It doesn't seem possible that there are still ignorate drivers out on our roads, who make a choice to drink and drive, without a second thought of their MADNESS!! and total lack of respect for life!!