Monday, November 1, 2010

Rules Of The World.

       Have you ever wondered, "what are the rules of the world?" are there any? who follows them? and who made them?. I'm not talking about the everyday rules we see on the road, in school or at work. I'm talking the rules of the world we were supposed to be following set from the start of mankind. For me I've come to believe that through live you live and walk a path you think is the right one. Along this path some of your choices may not be the right one but as long as you learn from the ones that were not so good you learned from that choice. See I hear from lots of people as probably you do that in life you make mistakes, and mistakes are made for us to learn from. I do my best now as a parent to make sure I teach my daughter as much as can before she has to learn the hard way. At the same time I also try not to punish her to much from a mistake most people have made as long as she has learned. After all if you do nothing you learn nothing and by doing nothing no mistakes will be made and you won't learn.
       Should you smile to everyone you pass on the street, should you wave or should you verbally say hi. If you don't know the person is it okay to not acknowledge them at all. Who should hold the door for who, I feel whoever is first should hold the door for the next. No matter who is coming towards that door, no matter how bad your day has gone, whether you had a fight with your spouse, kids or friend, you should always hold the door for the  next person. When it comes to saying hi maybe you don't have to verbally say it as some of us have a little touch of shyness. To smile I feel is okay and a good thing it tends to lead into a thousand smiles at the end maybe more depending how many people pass how many people. I've always lived by the motto ( smile it just feels good ) have you noticed that when you smile it does feel good and it also feels good when you smile at someone and they smile back. What about the polite factor? is it so, that you should be polite to everyone, even if that person is not so polite to you. I try regardless of who and what is done or said on the not so polite front to be the better person. I make it a point to be polite to all whether I know them or not. Even though being a door mat was not my first choice I've been there many times, but it's okay I guess someone needs to be the wall to bounce things off of. Maybe by the end I can help in one way or another, maybe that's what the person needs is just someone to listen and understand, after all Life is not easy. I know after my injury I needed someone to talk to, and I was very upset, mad and angry about the whole situation. Thankfully I had a couple of people I knew I could talk to and that understood. There was a lot of others that couldn't, wouldn't or didn't want to understand. I also learned that before my injury and all the things that I went through I had no idea what people were going through how they felt or the right thing to say. Sometimes when I thought I was helping I was actually making things worse. But I always tried to understand and do what I could to help and make things better. I guess what I'm trying to say is that no matter what, you should always try to be a good person, maybe have in the back of your mind that that person may be going through some rough times. If a smile can make their day is it too much for you to give that smile. Is that door really to heavy to hold for an extra second. Is really that bad and uncool to say thank you or your welcome. I've been through a lot in my time I've made mistakes like everyone else but I also changed ways and learned right from them. From the time I turned 22ish I made a point to be as helpful, kind, honest and giving as possible regardless of the person or reason, that's what I'd like for me. Now I understand that my hard times are no one else's fault and I need to work hard to make things better. Sure it would be nice for everyone to fix my mistakes and correct my problems but I know that's not a rule of the world.

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