Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To be a Parent : Part 2.

      What do you do with kids today that have no care about the things you do for them or the things you buy them. Add the fact that the kids today have it a lot better than we did, the toys are better, cost more and at times are hard to get. So not only do we have to work in order to get the toys, clothes whatever it may be, we also have to physically work hard to get our hands on them. In some case's there have been an actually physical altercation to get certain toys (tickle me Elmo). See right now we're in a situation where the IPod that I bought for myself,  and when I purchased my IPhone I no longer needed it, so in a way it got handed down to my daughter, has been missing for just over a week. Now I know she's only six years old but to have no care over something like that I find a little bit crazy. She knows about money and knows how much it costs so why doesn't she care? It's almost like It's a joke at times, It drives me nuts. I can't really get too mad at the same time we're talking over $300 dollars here. A box of crayons maybe even a barbie I wouldn't mind so much you know, your loss. Mind you for the barbie she would probably care. I've been looking all over  scatching my head while she sits on the couch and at times looks like she finds it funny. She's been using the IPod everyday since I handed it down to her like it was hers, like she paid for it, and now for some reason it's no big deal. I guess I have to try a mind game or two with her maybe it'll work, just have to find the right one. The IPod shows up or? All around though I've been noticing the same lack of respect/care for the things us as parents get for our kids everywhere. Maybe we should just buy the cheap stuff, keep it the dollar store way, that way if it's lost I'll still not like the fact but really not care about it as much. I try to teach her about the money game, it's only going to get harder as the time goes on. I think since she was old enough to talk I tried to explain it all to her, not to much of course, it's hard for them to get it when they don't have to work and pay bills or even buy there own things. Anyway back to the IPod I would like to think that by now she would have the respect to take care of something like that, and I'm hoping that she knows where it is and this is a sick game to upset me in a kid way. Most of the time she does care, she may not take care of the things we buy her like throwing them ont the floor where ever, never putting things back where it goes but ultimately she cares. She gets upset when certain things are lost, I guess the money value for kids is not as important as the likeness. I've seen her really really like something even cry when she can't find it yet to me I don't understand, it's not expensive they are everywhere, but she actually cares about it. The frame of mind between kids and parents is so great that there are going to be many things we won't understand why they do what they do, just as I'm sure there are things we do they don't understand. Please any tricks you may know feel free to let me know. I need to find that IPod.

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